Parent-Cubator Start Up Course

Parent-Cubator Start Up Course

This course provides a step by step process to understand your customers, their problems and the value you can offer through your business or social enterprise.

You’ll be learning and collaborating with other entrepreneurial parents and our expert tutors are parents too.

Each session includes a 2 hour workshop and 30 minutes of time in the Calthorpe Garden Co-working Cafe.  If you have an under 5 you can book them in to our lovely on site creche for a creative play session while you learn.

The next course will be taking place on 6 Fridays, starting on 28 April from 10.30am – 12.30pm

This course is now full, but you can register your interest if you would like to join a future course

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Week 1:  Find Your Customers: Learn how to get your start up noticed by solving your customers’ problems.  Start to use the lean canvas to create a one page business plan.  Discuss how you will balance your priorities and reduce your stress as a parent and entrepreneur

Week 2:  Social Media Strategy: Create empathy maps to understand more about your early adopter customers.  Build a social media strategy that will get them singing from the roof tops about you

Week 3:  Business Model You:  Great start ups work because of the resources and passion their founders draw on, not because of a ‘killer’ idea.  Explore how you can use your personal, professional and network resources to build a value proposition that is true to your passion and your customers will love

Week 4:  Managing the Money: Understand the finances behind your enterprise, by working on your cost structure and revenue streams.  Learn about business eco-systems and begin to develop your value proposition

Week 5:  Your MVP: Start to test out your solutions by creating a minimum viable product and securing pre-orders from customers or interest from funders.  Work more on your budget and how you will manage your cashflow

Week 6:  Your Pitch: Complete and share your lean business canvas.  Pitch your business proposition to the group and get feedback

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