Build a successful business or social enterprise that fits with your family life.  Our incubator is led by Lean Start Up experts and delivered in a supportive, collaborative atmosphere where we can draw on each other’s experience and expertise as professionals and parents.  It is facilitated by Nicole Velho, founder of Super Startups and Ann Nkune, founder of Bloomsbury Beginnings CIC, and hosted at the Calthorpe Project, a hidden green oasis in the heart of Kings Cross.  If you have an under 5 you can book them in to our lovely on site creche for a creative play session while you learn.

What will you get?

  • Face to face workshops at a central London family friendly venue
  • Catch up webinars if you can’t make a session or would like some extra support
  • On-site creche for your little ones to enjoy.
  • Business model printout and sticky notes to use throughout the course.
  • Supporting workbooks and activities to go through in your own time.
  • Supporting videos to watch in your own time (optional).
  • Accountability partner (optional).
  • Group co-coaching and Lean Startup mentoring.
  • Private Whatsapp group.
  • Time for you to focus on your business.

Session 1: Understanding Your ‘Why’ Define your drivers for starting and running a business, and the resources you’ll be able to draw on as an individual and as a group.

Session 2: Finding Your Customers Identify your early adopter customers and the problems you are trying to help them solve.

Session 3: Validating Your Proposition Create a Customer Problem Board and value proposition using feedback from interviews and discussion with the group.

Session 4: Your Pricing Strategy Find the right price point, using ‘anchors’ from your research and comparable products or services.

Session 5: Your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Understand what an MVP is and which types of MVP might suit your product/service and stage of development

Session 6: Your Next 90 Days Think about how you will scale up your MVP and work on a plan for your marketing and social media strategy.

Our next incubator will start in January 2018

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