Bloomsbury Beginnings, Elvis and Me

Bloomsbury Beginnings, Elvis and Me
July 10, 2016 admin

Author Zoey Goto describes how Bloomsbury Beginnings helped bring her closer to Elvis. . . 



For a number of years, Zoey had been wanting to write a book on Elvis Presley – focusing in particular on his wardrobe, hairstyles, home interiors and cars. Having spent time researching, Zoey already had a firm idea of where she wanted the book to go, but was struggling to find enough time to focus and actually get it done. The idea then inevitably took a backseat once her daughter was born as Zoey’s time was taken up looking after a baby (then toddler) while still working as a magazine journalist.

How Bloomsbury Beginnings Helped:

Zoey booked sessions with us using our workspace while her daughter attended the crèche on a regular basis. She was using the chunks of time to concentrate wholly on tasks that were otherwise impossible to do if she was also trying to give her daughter attention. By booking in a couple of times a week, Zoey maintained her focus and made sure that she had hours to complete the tasks she’d set herself over a period of time. We were delighted when we learnt that her effort had paid off and we can now add a published author to our list of successes!

In Zoey’s words; how has Bloomsbury Beginnings helped ‘change your world’?

I found out about the hot desks and onsite crèche by chance and thought it would be a good opportunity to put aside a few hours each week dedicated to working on a detailed book proposal and, in time, approach publishers. It turned out to be a good fit for my daughter and I – she made lots of new friends and I benefitted from the sessions, having time each week set aside to really focus on my work.

I didn’t actually write much of my book Elvis Style: From Zoot Suits to Jumpsuits at the hot desk sessions (that was mostly done in the reading rooms of The British Library!) but having blocks of time, undisturbed, knowing my daughter was being cared for, allowed me to concentrate fully on finding ways to get it published. The work finally paid off – I was actually at a Bloomsbury Beginnings desk when I got the email through from my publisher saying they would like to take on Elvis Style. I told Ann and then celebrated with a large cup of coffee – rock and roll! My book is now about to be published and has already received some good reviews from both Elvis fans and fashion blogs. I’m really glad I found the motivation and time to make the long-awaited dream a reality. My daughter is now at school but still remembers her time at the crèche – it has left very happy memories for us both.

Zoey’s book Elvis Style: From Zoot Suits to Jumpsuits is available now from

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