Get Involved in a Pre-School Thinking Skills Study

Get Involved in a Pre-School Thinking Skills Study
August 28, 2013 admin

The UCL Institute of Child Health is looking for preschool children to help with a new study on thinking skills and cognitive development in the Bloomsbury area. The study has been approved by the NRES ethics committee in Bloomsbury and the R&D committee at UCL Institute of Child Health. This study will help them to measure the development of important thinking skills in young children. This research will be particularly useful in the future for children who have various brain-related injuries or disorders so  that we can assess at an earlier stage whether they need more support in specific areas.

The study is taking place at the Wolfson centre, Mecklenburgh square so it would be a convenient trip for local families who would like to get an insight into child development research as well as enjoying a unique day out where their little one becomes a baby scientist! The study is designed to be fun and play-based, involving games, listening to stories, and watching short videos. The parent/guardian  and the child will receive a token in the form of a voucher and a memento of their study participation as well as compensation for travel expenses or a prepaid return taxi.
e-mail if you would like to find out more or get involved
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