Happy Global Sharing Day!

Happy Global Sharing Day!
June 1, 2013 admin

If you’re coming along to the ‘Big Lunch’ at Corams Fields tomorrow, 2 June (just bring a dish), you’ll be part of the second annual global celebration of sharing, which has food as its main theme this year.

Bloomsbury Babies is all about sharing too – whether it is pooling our talents and resources for the ‘parentcubator’, (a network for parents who are starting up their own businesses); freecycling our pre-loved stuff at the Bloomsbury Babies mini market (weekly from Monday 17 June); joining together to make a change for the better in the neighbourhood or just letting each other know what’s on for tots.  So it seemed fitting to raise a proverbial glass to Global Sharing Day.

Doing a little more research, it appears that the ‘sharing economy’ is not without its controversy.  A sharing scheme in New York where people rent out their rooms, and another where they share car rides have both been found to violate state regulations in the last couple of weeks.  One commentator points out that many companies use the label ‘sharing’ (e.g. Zipcar), when they are in fact renting out assets they own, which probably isn’t sharing by the strictest definition, (even if, in Zipcar’s case, it is still a great idea).  But, despite these minor hiccups, the sharing economy, is apparently here to stay.  You could argue that all healthy neighbourhoods, like ours, have sharing at their heart anyway.  Enjoy Global Sharing Day, find out more about the sharing economy at the people that share.


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