The Secrets of a Happy Work Life

The Secrets of a Happy Work Life
January 3, 2016 admin
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I was told a fascinating fact recently that only about 15% of people describe themselves as very happy in their work.  Why? because they:

  1. feel needed, and are able to fulfil the requirements of the job easily most days
  2. feel recognised for all their attributes, in and out of work
  3. have positive work relationships
  4. are close to home

Is this how your work makes you feel? You are unusual if it does.  Particularly as mothers our professional status often plummets and our future careers are no longer very clear.  If we return to the same work, it is more difficult to fulfil the requirements of the role, not least because of the lack of time we now have as a working parent.  Work relationships have to be renegotiated, and women often feel squeezed out.  Taking on a new role, or becoming self employed can leave us feeling under confident and probably significantly less well paid.

Does your role as a parent ticks these boxes either?  For many of us, becoming a parent makes us feel very needed (and certainly much closer to home for much longer than we’re used to!), but often under skilled, under appreciated and struggling with our relationships.

However parenthood can also be a time of great creativity and the opportunity to reassess our relationship to work.


Bloomsbury Beginnings networking event

So, how can you be one of the 15% who love their role?  Would starting a new business make the difference?  changing your work patterns or feeling more confident as a parent?  What could you do which would make you feel a sense of achievement, learning, enjoyment and meaning?


Parents Workspace, Cubitt Street WC1

We’re building a local community of mums and dads who are trying to achieve a balance that works for us, and support each other as professionals and parents.  We have expert led workshops on business and parenting, co-working and a creche.  This year we’re also excited to introduce a Montessori drop in, in partnership with Busy Bumble Bees Montessori.  Please come along and find out more about what we do at The Parents Workspace every Tuesday and Friday.



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