Time Saving Tips for Start Ups

Time Saving Tips for Start Ups
April 23, 2014 admin

Aurore Hochard is co-founder of Taskhub, a trusted online marketplace and directory for finding local services.

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As an entrepreneur time is the most precious commodity you have and by managing it more efficiently you are rewarding yourself and your business.

Since I set up Taskhub back in 2012, I’ve learnt some pretty valuable lessons in how to manage my time and I’m happy to share my tips with our friends at the Bloomsbury Babies.

Identify where you are going wrong with your time and take action. I realised that I’m terrible at remembering my passwords and was wasting minutes everyday trying to retrieve and reset them. So I took action and now I keep all my passwords in one secure place. Write things down. Even though I run a tech start-up I still like to keep my diary and notes low-tech. I keep a handwritten agenda and use one notebook for all my notes, as it keeps things centralised and also helps me organise my thoughts.

The most useful, timesaving and free techie services I use are: Helpscout for managing replies to customers (especially if there’s a couple of you in the team). Citymapper means I’m never late for meetings or get lost in London. I use Eventbrite to find useful networking events.

Bunch up meetings. By scheduling meetings one after the other, you never overrun. Plus you’ll be well versed in your patter and completely comfortable by the end of your last meeting.

Reply to emails as soon as you read them. Don’t put anything off, procrastination only stresses you out and slows you down.

Always dress smartly. You never know whom you’ll bump into when you’re out and about or when you might need to do an impromptu pitch or meeting.

Always carry business cards. I find the service at Moo is great value for money and they often have deals on. Don’t watch TV. When I set up Taskhub I got rid of my television, as it was an unnecessary distraction. Now I watch stuff online when it suits my schedule, not the other way around.

My last tip is: don’t let your small business run your life. Set aside time for the people and the things you love. If you don’t, stressing and overworking yourself will cost you (and your business) more in the long run.

Originally from France, Aurore worked as a teacher in the US and the UK before deciding to change her career and pursuing a law degree from the City University in London. It was whilst studying that she had the idea to set up Taskhub.

Twitter: @taskhub Website: taskhub.co.uk

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