The Life of the Mum Entrepreneur

The Life of the Mum Entrepreneur
August 26, 2014 admin

Angel is a local mum, filmmaker and recent ‘graduate’ of the parent-cubator group. She talks about setting up her new business:

An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. We are all familiar with the statistics that 80% of start-ups fail in the first year, and other such morale boosting cliches. So, against these odds, it really is worth getting a few tips and hints to shape your business up into that 20% league. The first step on that ladder to 20% is realistic goal setting, and utilising everything and anything to help you get there.

If that sounds a bit like parenting, then hey presto, you can start appreciating your transferable skills! Getting a business going will soon feel like raising another unpredictable child, so don’t worry, you’ll be in your comfort zone at least.

Again, like parenting, quietly struggling alone is not the best way forward, and enlisting as much support from your network of family and friends is crucial. They can be your support, market research, networking, investors and, for crucial meetings, even babysitters.



As for my own enterprise, I am slowly nurturing a client base, and getting work in. My clients are educational, social and start-up enterprises who want professional, artful moving & still image, written content and creative marketing strategies. I am putting my skills in writing, film, animation, directing and teaching into developing a business that is supplying a need in the market. Increased competition for work has meant everyone has to step up their image and utilise digital technology to stay ahead of the game.

To help stay focused during the start up phase of business I joined Bloomsbury Babies Parent-Cubator run by Ann Nkune. Ann organised a graduation and networking event on at the Calthorpe Project and I caught up with her to ask her to explain what Parent-Cubator is all about?

angel2Parent-cubator celebration event

We’re helping more than 40 parents set up their enterprises, our unique selling point is we run a creche with everything we do, so particularly with parents with children under 5, we’re able to offer a whole range of support. We get people together to network and share each others skills and resources, we get in outside experts to help us with technical areas of setting up business and we also provide workspace with hot desks, for people to work on their business in-between the groups.

I asked Ann what she’s got lined up for the future?

“We are starting a new group in Belsize Park for the autumn, and are really excited to work with some more enterprising parents”

So if you’ve got an enterprise in mind, then do yourself a favour and get onto one of Ann’s groups as it will help you nurture your idea within a safe group and extend your network, for mutual benefit.

Check out Angel’s great video about the Parent-Cubator here.


By Angel Daden

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