Growing Your Business at the Parent-Cubator

Growing Your Business at the Parent-Cubator
March 27, 2018 admin

Our collaborative learning programme for parents with start up ideas has had brilliant results since we begun 4 years ago, with more than 120 parents involved, 30 businesses developed and many careers given a new lease of life. We offer an exciting solution to parents who are looking for more start-up support than a one off seminar but are not yet ready or able to be part of a full blown accelerator programme, especially if they happen to need a creche for their little ones to enjoy while they learn too.  

So what are our ‘special ingredients’?

  • We draw out and use the wealth of experience in the room – start ups often forget, ignore or dismiss resources they have (or can easily access) that can make a huge difference to the direction and success of their enterprise.
  • Our supportive co-coaching approach means everyone is just as engaged in working on each other’s start-ups as their own.  Their expertise and skills are genuinely valued and put to great use to help solve problems quickly and constructively. It also accelerates learning, opens their eyes to new options and helps them grow in confidence and optimism.
  • Just enough ‘talk and chalk’ and lots of interactive exercises to apply learning immediately to the projects and ideas participants have bought (we know that nobody has very much time for homework!)  
  • A structured curriculum using the Lean Canvas methodology to focus relentlessly on the customer / user problem and develop a value proposition that will work and be scalable.  The majority of our start ups have a social or environmental impact as part of their proposition, and this framework is great for them too.  
  • Expert advisors who quickly establish credibility (Nicole Velho, Nancy Hey and Servane Mouazan to name a few) and offer practical know-how tailored to the needs of each course participant. Whether that is helping make them investment ready, identifying their customers or working on their legal structure, we’ve got the expertise that’s required
  • Harnessing the parenthood experience – this shared reality is an important ‘glue’ for the group. Becoming a parent changes all of our personal and professional lives beyond measure, and the space to talk about that is woven in to the course: sometimes explicitly with discussions about managing stress and priorities and at other times because ventures revolve around solving parenting problems

If you are interested in finding out more about the Parent-Cubator, please download our course brochure, call 07968 912298 or come along to the parent friendly co-working cafe sessions at the Calthorpe Project near Kings Cross on Tuesday and Friday mornings (term times) for a chat with our founder.

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