Start Up Stories: Baby Brains

Start Up Stories: Baby Brains
February 5, 2018 admin

Silvia Menabe is the Founder and Director of Baby Brains, a platform to empower parents through neuro-science and psychology.  She told us how being on the Bloomsbury Beginnings programme helped her to gather momentum for her business

I joined the course after hearing some really positive feedback from other women who had been through the programme. As a neuro-scientist with a particular interest in babies’ brain development I had been helping parents of young babies 0-3 to understand and enjoy those early months and years of development.  I had found that what I could monetise didn’t always reflect what I was passionate about delivering so I wanted the opportunity to reflect on my business proposition with like minded founders.

I found it really valuable to go back to first principles, to think about who my early adopter customers were, the problems I wanted to help them solve and who I would need to engage to scale up.  My peers on the course were supportive but also willing and able to give me informed and constructive feedback when I asked for it.  I learnt some great tips for managing my social media strategy too.  As a result of the course I focused more attention on growing a customer base amongst pregnant women and their partners.

It was also great to be able to share the successes I had – including the launch of a book I had co-authored and a well paid contract I won to deliver training to parents in a corporate setting both of which happened to fall during the course. I know that as a more established business I was able to offer inspiration and advice to others who were starting on that journey.  And of course, being with other parents was an added bonus of the course for me, as they were able to give me important insights from their own experiences and I was able to offer some of my experience as a mum and professional working in this field.

I am so pleased that I went on the course – it gave me clarity and confidence about my business priorities. I have been much more focused since participating, and things have really started rolling!

2020 Update: If you’re a small business who wants to grow and stay aligned to your core values, our start up programme might be for you.  Our next course is in January 2021 

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